How to Get Your Singapore PR Approved

Some believe that getting your Singapore PR application approved is only a matter of luck. The truth is this: there are many factors that affect your chances, some of which you can’t control, while others you can be in charge of.

Uncontrollable Factors


The key profile factors that affect your chances of approval are your age, salary, length of stay and number of taxes paid in Singapore. Needless to say, these are all factors that are out of your control as you can neither alter your age nor your salary.


The Singapore government reviews the number of existing permanent residents over the total population and uses statistics in computing for the assigned yearly quota. The quota is confidential and adjusted periodically.


Certain current events have the power to affect screening policies too. The present relationship of Singapore with your home country can largely influence the chances of getting your Singapore PR application approved.


Controllable Factors

Application process

Since application process is the only controllable factor that affects the success rate of your Singapore PR application, you should take full responsibility of it. With a neat and error-free documentation, supported with strong additional documents and cover letter, you can significantly increase the chances of approval in your Singapore PR application.